How long will it take to complete my embroidery order?

It depends on the size of the order, but normal turn-around time is three days to two weeks depending on our workload at the time of ordering; 24 hour rush delivery is available at a higher price if we can accommodate the job. It also depends on if we have the shirts in stock. If we have to manufacture them it takes time.

Are there any set up fees?

The only set up fee is the digitizing charge for your logo. The digitizing fee needs to be paid only once as the digitized logo is saved digitally on file for future use. However, any changes to the logo after the initial digitizing process will incur a fee.

Why is there a digitizing fee when my logo is in a digital format?

Digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a digital code that can be read by the embroidery machines. This file provides the instructions to the machine’s operating system which tells it how to sew out the design, where to start, stop, trim, change thread colour. This takes skill and has to be done manually, and the digitizing artist interprets your logo/artwork into the digitized pattern, with the stitch type and densities set to a high quality. Digitizing is a technical and creative process, not just a case of scanning a logo.  As such it incurs a cost.

How can I send my logo and in what format?

Email your logo to us at in one of the following formats: JPG or EPS. A high quality .jpeg can be used but it must be 300 dpi or higher. Word documents are not acceptable.

How long does the digitizing of my logo take?

Once the deposit has been paid, depending on the logo complexity, it can take up to two days to digitize, and then a sample is sewn out for your approval which is kept on file for future reference.

Can I get a sample?

We keep the embroidered sample on file for future reference. If you require an additional sample it is $14.38 VAT incl.

What if I already have my logo digitized for embroidery?

You can supply the file to us in tajima.dst. We charge a set up fee to evaluate the quality of the supplied file, and sew out a sample for approval before proceeding. This is a necessary step as we will not proceed on to an item without knowing exactly how it will stitch on our machinery.

How much will it cost to have my design embroidered?

Embroidery is priced based on the stitch count i.e. the number of stitches, as well as the quantity of pieces being embroidered at one time. Some companies skimp on the stitches to cut costs. Embroidery Stop does not cut corners and our stitch count will ensure that your logo looks good when you receive it and will continue to look great over time.

What if I don’t have a logo?

We have a catalogue of over 2,000 stock designs, that you can choose from. In addition, you can add text from the list of fonts available, and choose the thread colour(s) from the hundreds of shades available.

Can a logo be re-sized e.g. from a chest to full back?

Logos can be re-sized by 15% to 20% without incurring an additional charge. If it needs to be bigger than that it must be digitized once again as the type of stitches and stitch densities will be very different for a full back size.

Can Pantone colours be matched?

It is difficult to exactly match each of the over 1,000 Pantone colours so you can choose from our colour chart and we will produce a sample for your approval. Once you are happy with the sample we will proceed with the job.

Do I have to supply the shirts, caps, aprons etc.?

No, we supply a wide range of Ladies’ and Gent’s dress shirts, t-shirts, caps, aprons, chef jackets and more.

What if I only need a few shirts?

We specialise in having no minimum quantity. We would be happy to give you a quote based on your logo and number of pieces required. We have wholesale prices for 12 or more pieces, but will also sell a smaller quantity at retail prices.

What is the cost if I want a one-off order e.g. a personalised shirt, cap, blanket, towel, etc.?

The embroidery costs $14.38 for 1-5 letters and $2.39 for each additional letter.

What type of printing do you do?

We print using transparent heat transfers on white items, and opaque transfer prints on coloured items. This way you can have a photograph or logo printed without the additional cost of paying for screens. We also have a wide range of colours of vinyl which can be cut to your specifications and applied to T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Caps etc. This type of printing is better suited to flat surfaces (T-shirts) instead of piles (pique polos).

What type of engraving do you do?

We engrave using rotary diamond engraving. It can be done on metal, glass, plastic & wood.

What if I want a logo engraved?

Our engraving machine reads .eps files so once you can supply the logo in that format, we can engrave it. Unfortunately, no other type of artwork can be converted to engrave.

What if I don’t have the logo available in .eps?

We have a free-lance graphic artist that can re-draw it for you at a cost.

Where are you located?

We are located at #12 Pine Commercial, St. Michael. To get to Embroidery Stop turn left off of the ABC Highway using the road leading to Pine Hill Dairy. Turn left between the new Barbados Water Authority Headquarters and Pine Hill Dairy, and follow the road. We are in the red and white building on the right at the top of the hill. We are just over a minute from the highway. If you get lost please call us at 434-0449.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Due to the customization associated with embroidery and heat transfers we do not accept returns or exchanges unless there is a defect. In that case returns must be done within 30 days.