The Team Behind The Scenes

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Erica Bynoe
Chief Pot and Bottle Washer

Embroidery Stop was started by Erica in 2003, and she still is hands-on daily with the production, embroidery and printing of the orders. She does all of the digitizing jobs, thereby maintaining the highest quality, so that the embroidery looks great. Having over 20 years in the field of digitizing she has the experience to advise what is possible and suggest minor changes to ensure a high quality job every time.

Her responsibilities also include quoting on jobs, ordering of supplies to maintain the smooth running of the production floor.

Tara Archer
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Tara answers the telephone and is the first person you meet as you come in to our offices. She helps with taking orders and payment for finished jobs.

Tanya Jones
Sales & Customer Service Supervisor

Tanya is the “go-to girl’ for placing orders and making enquiries. She works in our showroom to assist customers with any queries, whether in person or via telephone, and if requested, she also does onsite visits with customers at their locations.

Her responsibilities include following through with the Production Team to ensure that your order is done as quickly as possible; and then she lets you know when the order is ready for collection. She ensures that all customers are satisfied with their experience with us.

Michelle Douglas
Production Supervisor/Machine Operator

Michelle has been with us since 2003. She operates our embroidery machines and ensures that the highest quality embroidery is completed in a timely manner. She is responsible for making sure optimal productivity is attained by the staff in the production area, so that the customers’ jobs can be completed as quickly as possible.

Antoinette Spooner
Embroidery Machine Operator

Antoinette came to us when we purchased D’s Embroidery and now is a valuable member of our production team. She efficiently hoops the items, and operates our embroidery machines ensuring the highest quality embroidered items are produced.

Antoinette is a bit camera shy, but we are still grateful to have her as part of our team.

Monica Wharton
Seamstress & Machine Operator

Monica is in charge of the manufacturing of dress shirts and other items like tablecloths, canvas bags, cushions, epaulettes, sashes and stoles. She ensures that only the best quality items are produced for our customers.